Full service turn-key design, construct and install Mechanical/HVAC solutions.


Micro-managing services design and installation can be tricky for the best project managers. Our integrated and collaborative approach to mechanical design, construction and install will save you the hassle of managing multiple contractors across multiple designs.

As a team of mechanical, communications and electrical trade-based experts our value lies in our agility and versatility. Your project deserves the skills and expertise of a team that can work with you and your subcontractors easily. Our collaborative approach to all projects makes even the largest and most complex mechanical installations significantly simpler. Working collaboratively with our other service offerings and your subcontractors reduces the risk of miscommunication and potential scope creep or project roadblocks.

Your Mechanical/HVAC Experts

Our multi-licenced team procure equipment and supplies from wholesalers and manufacturers who only build the best. Working with specialist mechanical suppliers guarantees that we build with our supplies in mind. Our professional relationships with suppliers means we won’t hold your project up waiting for supplies. Additionally we partner with external engineers so we can get access to any and all specific know-how to get your project right the first time.

We’re committed to never ending and continuous improvement and providing peace of mind to our clients. You can rest easy knowing that we’re Arctick licensed to handle refrigerants. As part of our commitment to neverending improvement we’re always keen to take on a challenge. We know that projects can be difficult and challenging but we have the confidence that our team will produce a solution that fits your project.

Planning mechanical installations is a risky and complicated business. Our design team works in AutoCad to centralise our mechanical, communications and electrical installations. As part of our full suite of services we provide full maintenance schedules upon conclusion of all mechanical projects.